The Top Ten Recommended Games of 2012


As the holiday season approaches, games are being looked at by both gamers and those looking for gifts for gamers. Though each player has his or her favorite, some are just universally a favorite. Some involve shooting, some zombies, some wrestling, and some are competitive racing games.


Most of the traditional favorites have updated versions for this new season. Below are ten of the top rated ones, with a brief description to aid in selection. Pick your favorites, then narrow that choice to the one or two best selections according to you, and make sure potential gift-givers know what you prefer.


1.   World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria


This is an update of the World of Warcraft, the first since 2010. The race of giant talking pandas, Pandaren, is introduced. This race uses martial arts. For ten levels they are neutral and you choose whether they become a part of the Alliance or the Horde. Attacks build up “chi” and unleash advanced attacks. It is a sort of a version of Pokémon.


2.   Resident Evil 6


The J’avo is the latest breed of zombie, and the smartest in the series so far. They use guns, and can work together. You can move and shoot at the same time, so have some advantage.  There are four scenarios with unique characters. Jake Muller is the son of the antagonist, Albert Weskaer, and teams up with the girl from Resident Evil 2, Sherry Birkin. Other characters that are returning from previous versions are Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, as they fight through Zombie-infested streets.


3.   Xcom: Enemy Unknown


This is a spin-off of Xcom. It is a shooting game that is turn-based. The player builds an underground base where they are able to train soldiers, research technology, name soldiers, and captures aliens to study for new information. It has been dubbed classic Xcom.


4.   Dishonored


In this game, you are Corvo Atano, an assassin with supernatural powers. You are able to teleport, possess others, and see through walls. You don’t have to kill, but can use strategy to solve problems without violence. It is a big enough map that you can find multiple routes to where you want to go. You can teleport or possess an animal to get where you want to go as well.


5.   Doom 3: BFG Edition


This high definition version of Doom 3 comes with an expansion pack and new missions. Visuals are enhanced, and play is improved to allow using multiple items. It is story driven, and can be saved at certain checkpoints. It is designed to take advantage of 3D televisions.


6.   Medal of Honor: Warfighter


With this game, you fight your way around the Philippines and Somalia. What sets this one apart is that the personal life of the soldiers is more important than the war itself. It is being touted as the biggest game this season. The emotional story somehow survives in a game where you might receive a direct gunshot to the chest and still survive.


7.   Assassin’s Creed 3


In Assassin’s Creed 3 you will be sneaking past armies to get to your destination. You play both in cities and wilderness. State of the art game technology makes for exciting, realistic game scenarios. The hero, Connor, is not loyal to either British or Americans, so both are game for assassination. A spin-off involves a female protagonist.


8.   WWE 13


For hard core wrestling fans that have passed the age of twenty, you will see your favorite wrestlers revived. There is Mankind, The Rock, and more (up to 35 with 8 playable at a time). These players are wrestling their ratings back over WCW Monday night Wars.  For some platforms, there is even the opportunity to play as Mike Tyson.


9.   Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012


Building on old Need for Speed games, the newest and best, have such popular features as autolog, multiplayer, car customization, and open-world racing. You won’t always go forward, however, as you evade cops down alleys and streets.


10. Call of Duty: Black Ops2

The extras that come with Call of Duty: Black Ops2 overshadows any of the game play. It includes a remote-control Dragonfire Drone. Other inclusions are zombie campaigns, multiple storylines, eight player capacities, and strike force missions that engage aerial vehicles, jets, and robots.